Exhibitor registration info

Exhibitor registration info

Registration will open on tczinefest.org at Saturday June 11th (11 am Central) and close Thursday June 30th (midnight Central).

Full tables (distros): There will only be five full (6 feet) tables, which will be reserved for distros. If more than five distros register, the full tables will be assigned to five distros via random selection. The price for a full table is $40.

Half tables: There will be approximately 64 half tables available (3 feet). 35 half tables will be randomly selected from all registrants. The remainder of the half tables will be assigned by TCZF organizers on the basis of self-selected categories including type of zine and identification as LGBTQIA, person of color, and under age 21. This process will ensure that we have a diverse range of zines and zinesters exhibiting.

Those who are not initially selected will be added to a wait list. Everyone who completes the registration form will receive an email by Wednesday July 6th letting you know whether you have a spot or if you’ve been placed on the wait list. Payment from those who have a spot must be received by Wednesday July 20th; otherwise, the spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist.

Sharing half tables is fine, but needs to be indicated at the time of registration. There will only be space for two people behind each half table.

Price: All half-table exhibitors can choose their own price: $30 full price or $20 reduced price. There is no difference in the benefits of full vs. reduced price, and it will have no impact on whether you are selected or not for a space. Paying at the full price level will help TCZF remain sustainable. If you are granted a spot but are unable to pay the reduced price, please let us know—no one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

Payment: Payment will be via Paypal or personal check/money order.

Your spot is NOT GUARANTEED until your payment is received and you’ve received a confirmation email from us.

Questions? Email us!